Friday, July 3, 2015

Favorite Friday #1

As a big reader, there is nothing like finding that amazing spot to just hangout with a good book and maybe a drink or two. That is why, for my first Favorite Friday, I am going to talk about my favorite places to read!

I just moved a few months ago, actually, it will be a year in October, and I'm still learning each day of different places in the house and outside that make nice reading spots. Of course, laying in my bed and curling up with a book before I go to sleep is always a wonderful feeling, but someday's, it just doesn't work for me. I get tired out from just laying there all day, or I get restless and can't get comfortable. So recently, I've taken upon myself to find better places to read during the day when my bed just doesn't do it for me. So far, I have found a few new wonderful places to hangout and read.

The first place, is the lovely library I have in my house.

Yes, that's right, I said I have a library in my house. Granted its not very big but it more than serves its purpose! And to make it even better, it has one of those sliding ladders like on Beauty and the Beast! Yep talk about a long time dream come true! I'm going to hate leaving it that's for sure. But for now, I love sitting in my rocking chair, surrounded by all of my books (and movies, and craft supplies, and our games) and getting sucked into a different world.

Second, is the front porch. On a nice summer day nothing quite beats being able to hang out outside in the beautiful sun with a light breeze going by and a book in your hand. It's not very often that I sit out on the front porch, but when I have, its been very enjoyable and relaxing. Plus it gives me time away from my roommates and I can get completely lost in the book I'm reading, rather than dealing with the noise and chatter from the others in the house.

And third, I enjoy hanging out on the couch in our game room. Someday's, the quiet just wont do it for me, the silence ends up being too loud and makes it hard to concentrate. So on those days, I go into our game room and hang out with the guys while they play their video games and I lay back on the couch and read. Yes when I read here I do tend to get interrupted much more than the other places, however someday's, I really need this interaction to just keep me going. And on the days that I don't or I get interrupted too much, I just go hide away in one of my other reading places.

So there you have it, three of my favorite places to read. What are your favorite places to curl up with a good book?

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