Saturday, June 27, 2015

Theme Days!

Theme Days!

So I've been thinking a bit about some fun different things that I can do with my blog. I mean I will of course still be doing the book reviewing and (hopefully soon) some giveaways. But I want to make this blog as fun for you guys as it is for me. So I decided, why not do a different theme each day to keep things interesting and allow me to get to know you guys and you guys to get to know me better. 

Below you will find a list of each day of the week, and what exactly that theme will mean. 

Series Sunday: For Series Sunday, I will pick one series to discuss. Maybe its a series that I want to pick up but haven't yet, or maybe its a series that I have read and loved but either way we will talk about the series and my thoughts towards it.
ALSO there will be some Sundays called Surprise Sunday's because you'll never know exactly when they are coming. On these Sunday's, we will discuss a book that surprised me in one way or another. Maybe it was one that got generally low ratings from others but completely took me by surprise, or maybe the book had some awesome twists that I never expected. Either way you should be ready for a nice surprise.

Maniac Monday: Maniac Monday's are going to comprise of a post detailing a bit more about what you can expect for the week, maybe some teasers (both from my blog posts or even a book that I'm reading). I might talk about some things that I'm looking forward to outside of book reviewing, such as Camp NaNoWriMo, which is totally just around the corner and I still don't have a plot set in stone. Basically, its a bit open as to what it will consist of each week.

To Be Read Tuesday: On To Be Read Tuesday's, I'm going to pick one book off of my To Be Read list and explain why it is there, what I'm most looking forward to with this book (if anything), and maybe some predictions of what will happen. 

Waiting on Wednesday: I actually got this idea from Nichol, so thanks to you for this fantastic idea. Basically this one is going to Run much like my To Be Read Tuesday posts except that this will be for a book that has yet to be released. It might be a book that I have gotten as an arc and can't wait to do some gushing about or just a book that I'm really excited for it to come out. 

Top Ten Thursday: For Top Ten Thursday's, I will make up a list of my Top Ten. It could be for anything such as the ones I've already posted, Top Ten Pairings and Top Ten Series You Should Read. 

Favorite Friday: Favorite Friday will be a post detailing some of my favorite things, I might talk about my favorite Author or new series, or it could even be something like favorite place to read. Whatever it is, you can be sure that its at the top of my list.

Secret Stash Saturday: This one is partly inspired by katiesbookblog and her awesome new etsy feature. If you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely should because it is so awesome. Anyways, Secret Stash Saturday, is going to be all about that book swag. Anything and everything that is book related could be featured here. Could be t-shirts, jewelry, bags, etc. If its inspired by a book then it will count. 

So there you have it, my daily themes. What do you think? Is there any day in particular that you are looking forward to? Also if you know of any cool book related items, doesn't matter if its from a store such as Hot Topic or someone's website like Etsy, feel free to mention them or send me an email at and I'll take a look!

Series Sunday will kick off tomorrow!

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  1. Please please do The Secret Stash Saturday, it sounds really good.