Sunday, November 29, 2015

Guest of the Month

This month, I decided to participate in Emily's Guest of the Month Blog ( and was paired with the wonderful Wren! So without further ado, here is the amazing and wonderful Wren!

5 reasons that prove that I am the most awkward person ever when I'm not blogging

You may or may not know me. I'm Wren. I'd like to think I'm the coolest person ever, but that's a total lie. It's nice to meet you, stranger. Let's talk about my favorite subject (not!): me.

You probably think I have no life outside of blogging. Haha, yes. Kidding kidding. I do have somewhat of a life. I take taekwondo (green belt at last!) I watch anime and have quite a fun time fangirling about it. I also quite like eating dessert. And I like crime shows. (Limitless and Castle being two of my favorites currently.)
You might think this is normal, but, in fact, I'm am the most awkward human being ever outside of blogging.
This is why:

1) I have the tendency to use odd, Wren-made phrases.
For example: "Magic bonanza", "Holy pizzacake", and "You are being summoned."
Yes. I do say these things in reality.

2) I might seem all funny and suave, but in real life, it takes me minutes for a good comeback. Or perhaps I remember it later.
For example: I might walk away from an argument all huffy. Pretend we were talking about the importance of books in one's life. I might, weeks later, be thinking about this argument and suddenly have a great comeback. It might be, "I'd rather read than talk to you!" or whatnot. Again, weeks later.

3) My timing is god-awful.
For example: I might be having a good laugh with my friends. A joke happens, and we all laugh. A few minutes later, I might burst out laughing at nothing in particular. Just me remembering the joke and inappropriately laughing once more.

4) I sit alone even when I'm with many people. (And even if I know them.)
For example: During almost any social event I attend, I always choose a seat near the corner and quietly read. Even when everyone else is talking and strangers are socializing. The only exceptions is when I'm with close friends. Simply put, I don't talk unless someone talks to me.

5) I talk to myself. Constantly
For example: Between classes or during lunch, I will be doing something mundane (eating or studying) and talk to myself. "Gosh. That's a stupid move." Or "JUST KISS HER ALREADY!" And not just when I'm alone. I do it as I walk about or when I'm practicing taekwondo. Yes, I'm weird.


So there you have it. Wren is just absolutely fantastic and wonderful and if you haven't had a chance to talk to her already you definitely should.

You can find her blog here: Books in My Suitcase (
Twitter: @TheReadingBird

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