Monday, May 4, 2015

The Beginning of It All

Here we are dear readers, the beginning of it all. The blank sheet, just waiting for words to begin pouring out onto it. This is what all things must start out as, and there is no going back from here, not really. No matter how hard we try, our blank sheet will no longer be blank, instead it will be riddled with typo's and crossed out words (or maybe that's just my notebooks), and even if we try to start over, there will still be small marks left over, marks that will always be there with us. So this is where we will begin.

And what a better way to begin, then to hear your suggestions for books you think I should read. So please, leave me a comment and tell me those awesome books that you have read! And it doesn't just stop at Original Fiction, you can also leave you suggestions for Harry Potter fanfiction that you think I should read and review. I do most of my fanfiction reading at and I will read any pairing, rating, genre, or era. So feel free to suggest any and all of your favorites.

Please also consider donating to help keep HPFF ( alive. You can do so Here. HPFF is a fantastic website that has helped many people from all around the world. Its a safe place where people can experiment with new writing styles, coming together to discuss writing and books, and feeling more confident with their writing abilities.

So what are you waiting for lets hear those suggestions!

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